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Examples of our latest designs and bead work are displayed on our "Fun & Funky Fashion" pages.  We also offer pieces by Award-winning Fine Jewelry Designers and a wide selection of Estate Jewelry.  Pictured below are examples of what we offer from each category.  In addition, we post a quarterly newsletter and have shows a couple times of the year.

All items are unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. You will not find someone else wearing any of these pieces!  Plus, as a graduate gemologist, I have the skills and the vendors from which I can locate the perfect gemstone for you.

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Coralyn & Dwight

  •      Jewelry Designer  
  •      GIA Graduate Gemologist
  •      Accredited Jewelry Professional

Below are examples of pieces from our inventory.  The first are hand-crafted wire and chalcedony nautilus earrings, a Victorian turquoise buckle bangle (late 1800's), and an usual orange sapphire ring in platinum and gold, followed by a fun, summery, choker.  

Blue glass with copper and sterling silver.

Late 1800's Victorian Gold Bracelet with Turquoise

Modern setting of 18KYG & Platinum.

HORN, BONE, and WOOD Choker Necklace
Strung on brass. Price: $75.00

This choker is made of large, rippled horn saucers, accented with brown and white batiked bone, white bone saucers, and finished in small brown wood beads, making it a light weight necklace.  It is strung on strong brass wire with hand-wrought brass chain and S-hook clasp.  The neutral tones are just right for the Pacific Northwest.   



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As a gemologist, I am quite passionate about gems and gemstones, of all shapes and sizes!  This passion is reflected in the variety incorporated in both my "Fashion" and "Fine" jewelry designs.   That being said, only quality gemstone beads and findings are selected.  I have to be able to handle and inspect any and all beads, and gemstones, before I purchase them, making sure they are in top quality condition and color.

"Fashion" jewelry is hand-crafted out of sterling silver, 14K gold-filled, copper, and/or various base-metals, utilizing gemstone beads and pearls.  The more unusual the stone and shape, the more interesting (unique) the beads are.  "Fashion" pieces include both the transparent gems such as amethyst, peridot, citrine, garnet, clear quartz, chalcedonies, and occassionally a few rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds.  The opaque gemstones, such as tiger eye, lapis, malachite, jaspers, and some agates, are used extensively.  Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls, and seed beads are used as color and texture accents, along with wire-wrapped and textured metal beads.   

All beaded "Fine" jewelry I design and create myself, using even higher quality beads than in the "Fashion" jewelry, where clarity and color become even more important factors in bead choice (reflected in cost).  Designs, which require extensive bench jeweler's skills, are crafted by master jewelers I work one-on-one with, utilizing gems I have personally selected.  These designs may utilize 14K, 18K, 22K gold, and/or platinum.  The golds can be either yellow, white, or rose.

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This cute little guy, a Humboldt penguin, is a creation that grew out of a gift to the Woodland Park Zoo for their annual fund-raiser.  I first rendered a drawing of the penguin.  Then, I hired an award-winning stone cutter to carve the body out of black onyx.  Notice that part of the body is a matte finish (penguin's back) and part is shiny (its flippers), giving it depth and texture.  The remainder of the pendant was crafted out of sterling silver, antiqued sterling silver, rose gold across the back edge of the beak, and a black diamond for an eye. 

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