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APRIL 2018

Spring has finally arrived.  Flowers and trees are busting out all over.  Unfortunately, the Seattle weather isn't quite in sync with Spring.  Maybe after March is over, April will be better.


Happy Birthday to those born in April, May, or June

April's birthstone is the diamond but clear rock crystal quartz or colorless CZ can be substituted   

May's birthstone is a beautiful green emeraldJune now has the option of 3 different birthstones:  alexandrite, pearl, and moonstone.

















Unfortunately, when I called, my web hoster, about some issues I was having with uploading photos to my website, they said my website was built on their old software which is no longer updated.  They said I'd have to redo my whole website word for word, picture by picture, design by design.  I had seriously been considering switching providers for awhile now, but did not know my issues were due to their out of date software.  To keep it on (now I'd have to totally rebuild my entire website from scratch.  If I'm going to do that, I'll change providers.  So, that should enlighten you as to why some photos look different than others (they are added as text, not pictures).




With Spring here many artists are busy at work creating beautiful works to showcase at the annual artist's studio tour, KAST, which is put on by the Kirkland Arts Center (KAC).  This is either year 10 or 11 for us, but it's been happening for at least 15.  

This is a self-guided tour, open to the public, of various studios and galleries in the great Kirkland area, mostly radiately out of the downtown area.  Detailed catalogs can be picked up in early May at the Art Center, or on May 12th when the studio starts.  With the catalog you can determine which studios you would like to visit.  This event happens Mother's Day weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, May 12th and 13th.   A variety of art is exhibited:  ceramics, paintings of various types, sculptures, fabric art, and hand-crafted jewelry.   Everyone is welcome.  Bring family and friends along with you.  Travelling from studio to studio you will discover different forms of art and if the little ones get bored, then just move on to the next place. 

New to this year is our "Estate Sale" art event.  This is art that has been donated by the "Angels", a women's group that supports KAC activities.  Check it out.  As we are moving from classical to modern design we will be donating several oils to the event.   Good way for people to get some well-framed art at a mere fraction of the original cost.

Also new this year is a bus tour of various studios, starting at the Kirkland Art Center.  



Hopefully, my next newsletter will be The SUMMER newsletter, which will be published in July.

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